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Welcome to the Heart Piece Podcast, your weekly holistic relationship talk show for gamers, hosted by married gaming duo, MasterWife & MasterJoe. It's dangerous to go alone, so we aim to educate, inspire, and empower gamers to build and maintain healthy relationships. Join us each week as we attempt to draw parallels between the fictional game world and real world experiences to see what we can learn about makings friends, finding love, and being good to each other.
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Oct 30, 2017

No one ever discovered anything by sitting inside their house. Well, thanks to the Internet, maybe that's not entirely true. Still, you can only experience so much within the comfort of your home/apartment/dorm/condo. If you really want to see what's out there, you gotta walk the walk!

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss the importance of regular exploration and how it can widen your social circle and improve your relationship building skills. There's also an Extra Piece at the end of this one! Head over to and click on the episode post to check out the after-show.

BONUS: The origin of Vania, Willy Wonker, LinkUp!
RUNTIME: 47 minutes 46 seconds

Oct 6, 2017

Most everyone who's played an RPG knows a thing or two about party management. You've got to make sure you've got the right composition of do-gooders to vanquish the dark forces. However, we bet most folks haven't considered how they can use the same party management logic from video games to build better social circles in real life!

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss the idea of party management in video games to see how it can be applied in real life. Whether at work, in class, on the court or on the beach, we'll help you power up your social circles by making sure you've got the right kind of company for the situation!

BONUS: Breath of the Mods, The Wiz, Boost or Break
RUNTIME: 40 min

Sep 21, 2017

Today's the day. You got a good night's sleep. Your morning smoothie is ready. You printed 3 copies of your resume. You've got your phone. Your keys are in hand. You're wearing your lucky socks, your "hire me" blazer, and Joe Esposito is telling you you're the best around. Today's the day! You're halfway down the highway. Then it hits you. You forgot your pants... Job Hunt Quest Failed. You left a critical piece of equipment in your closet.

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe talk about using the concept of inventory management in gaming to help with the constant struggle to make room for yourself, your job, your friendships, goals, dreams, relationships, health, and aspirations in the real world. You'd never hunt a Rathian without Antidote, so never go job hunting without pants!


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RUNTIME: 40 min

Sep 13, 2017

Greetings HPeeps! Did you miss us? As we're sure you're aware, we've been on a bit of a cooldown. So we thought, why not talk about that for today's episode? Afterall, sometimes you need to ease back from the fast track and take it easy. Relax. Perhaps to re-energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni.

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss the importance of spending time away from the the hustle and bustle or everyday life to reconnect with yourself, others, and the world around you at your own pace. Your social life will thank you for it!

Oh, and the answer was the Baroness Von Sketch Show.

And it's not on Netflix.



BONUS: HIRMA, Meet Mr. Miyagi, Bust-A-Doodle
RUNTIME: 40 min

Jan 23, 2017

Visualize this moment in time whilst we paint you a picture. You are out perusing the internet and you strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. You say "ya-ma-to," they say "ya-mo-to," and next thing you know, you wake up in your recording studio at 6 am with a microphone in your face and an empty cup of what was probably coffee once with nothing but a foggy memory of your life choices over the past 8-10 hours to show for it. The real twist? That's kind of a true story.

In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe are joined by the indie game developer behind the One Night Stand, the lovely Lucy Blundell. We chat about her games' recent nomination for an Independent Games Festival award, why she should marry her boyfriend and the logistics of milking cows (or people?) on the Nintendo Switch. Top it all off with gratuitous amounts of the late great George Michael and a hot and steamy version of a fan favorite mini-game that we haven't played in a long while and you've got a guilt-free episode on your hands— er, ears? Ears.

BONUS: A Call from Kimishima, The Secret Life of Game Jammers, Boost or Break: ONS Edition
RUNTIME: 49 min

Jan 11, 2017

MAGfest 2017 was awesome! There's nothing quite like pressing your face against a friend's face, attending random elevator parties, playing Japanese rhythm games like no one is watching, having your face melted repeatedly by amazing artists and DJs, and planning the post-mortem services for your bank account after you finish buying ALL the merch. Yup, MAGfest is awesome. You know what's not awesome? MAGstress! There's so much to do! So many people and performances to see, games to play and pizza to eat! Just how the heck do you juggle the unjuggleable Con Life?

In this episode, MasterWife returns to join MasterJoe as they recap their MAGfest 2017 experience and share the secret to making the most of your con experience without getting overwhelmed by the chaos. This episode is full to the brim so listen up HPeeps! Andrew Jackson!

p.s. special thanks to all of our friends and listeners that we got to see and meet at MAGfest this year. No way we could name everyone but we love you guys. Keep doing what makes you happy and thanks for being our friends.

BONUS: NOOOBAMA, Name That Commercial, Link-Up!
RUNTIME: 42 min

Jan 4, 2017

A wise person once said, the way to a man's heart is through his abdominal food bag. Turns out that's very much true! In this episode, Masterjoe is joined by the newly engaged gamer couple, Hotsammysliz (in his second appearance on the podcast) and Ms. Marvel! We chat about how their relationship progressed to the big questions, their plan to answer lots of repeat questions at MAGfest, and share some little known facts. For example, did you know that one of us can crochet? Which game does Sammy like better, Sonic Adventure 1 or 2? And what is a Stroopwafel?!

Masterwife was busy working her big girl job and had to sit this one out but we hope you enjoy and miss her presence as much as MasterJoe did :<

BONUS: Crochet Master, MAGfest, Bust-a-doodle
RUNTIME: 42 min