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Welcome to the Heart Piece Podcast, your weekly holistic relationship talk show for gamers, hosted by married gaming duo, MasterWife & MasterJoe. It's dangerous to go alone, so we aim to educate, inspire, and empower gamers to build and maintain healthy relationships. Join us each week as we attempt to draw parallels between the fictional game world and real world experiences to see what we can learn about makings friends, finding love, and being good to each other.
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Feb 22, 2016

MasterWife and MasterJoe are back from MAGFest 2016! Such an amazing festival/convention. This episode comes fresh off the ride home from the event so we just had to recap all the amazing time we had. If there ever was a gamer family reunion, this was it. We got to meet, see, and hang out with a bunch of old and new friends, jam out to some incredible music, and of course play a ton of games. If you weren't there this year, you definitely need to be there next year!

RUNTIME: 28 min

Feb 12, 2016

What's this? Another episode of the HPP in the same week? Yup, and just in time for Valentine's Day.

In this episode, MasterWife returns from PhD land to chat with Emma and Phillip at #HPHQ about an incredibly rare specimen in the world of tabletop gaming: A two-player card game! Originally created by Emma as a Valentine's Day present for her game-designer boyfriend, Heartcatchers is an adorable game of deception and secrets which is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to be printed and shipped. Hey, we know a thing or two about Kickstarter ourselves :)

BONUS: Boost Or Break
RUNTIME: 38 min

Feb 8, 2016

We have an idea for a movie. Drummer, a lady gamer, and a black guy all go to a dance contest. It's called, today's episode of the Heart Piece Podcast. Right? You're welcome. MasterJoe and MasterIce chat it up to talk about the revised theory of separation. Fun fact: It's not six degrees anymore. You're a lot closer to everyone else in the world than you think. Well, in theory at least.

MasterJoe ran into the original Mario Bros. world record holder, Steven Kleisath, and got a visit from his old buddy Krysti Pride, who had some interesting news! Grab your Notepads and your TextEdits. It's time to talk about #hplinks! And please, peeps, don't let elderly people use seesaws.

BONUS: Senior Seesaw, Circle of Gaming Life, Mario Bros.
RUNTIME: 40 min