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Welcome to the Heart Piece Podcast, your weekly holistic relationship talk show for gamers, hosted by married gaming duo, MasterWife & MasterJoe. It's dangerous to go alone, so we aim to educate, inspire, and empower gamers to build and maintain healthy relationships. Join us each week as we attempt to draw parallels between the fictional game world and real world experiences to see what we can learn about makings friends, finding love, and being good to each other.
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Jan 25, 2016

PUT THAT DOWN LITTLE JOHNNY! (Ahem) You know what's great about the Heart Piece Podcast? You can listen to it even while attending to your kids! After all, the gamers of the 80s are now becoming parents and some of them are having kids of their own. MasterIce knows about the joys struggles of parenthood first hand and shares some perspective on what it's like to make the transition to being a parent first and gamer second. Special appearance by his two kids, plus we share the number one game parents should be playing with their kids, as told by kids.

BONUS: Caution: Snow, Boost or Break, Master Niece and Nephew
RUNTIME: 37 min

Jan 18, 2016

David Hayter is out of Metal Gear Solid. Kiefer Sutherland is out of 24. And I could have sworn I left my sandwich on the counter just a minute ago! Who can you trust these days? My brother MasterIce makes his debut as the interim co-host of our podcast, sitting in for MasterWife, as we talk about backstabbers, teamwork, and which one of those concepts Ubisoft's The Division will lean towards when it launches.

We've even got some beta codes from the folks at Red Storm to give away. Trust us.


BONUS: Sinbad the Sailor, 8-bit Christmas, #BHPOTW, Grind & Boom
RUNTIME: 29 min

Jan 13, 2016

So we learned a thing. When your bank sends you a new debit card right before you take a trip, take it with you so you can activate it, pay you podcast hosting services, and continue to be able to upload episodes! Sorry this one is coming so late we'd been in Florida having far too much fun. All is well now.

Nevertheless, MasterWife makes her long awaited return to the cast. We talk about a foolproof way to keep your New Years Resolutions, our latest co-op game obsessions, the best sushi in South Florida (oh-em-gee, soo-goh-ee), our despair over a recent change at Chick-Fil-A, and what's coming down the pipe for the podcast in 2016!

Also, sorry about the audio. Out of town so we recorded this in a car. 

BONUS: NYE Party, #TeamHoneyMustard, 

RUNTIME: 24 min