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Welcome to the Heart Piece Podcast, your weekly holistic relationship talk show for gamers, hosted by married gaming duo, MasterWife & MasterJoe. It's dangerous to go alone, so we aim to educate, inspire, and empower gamers to build and maintain healthy relationships. Join us each week as we attempt to draw parallels between the fictional game world and real world experiences to see what we can learn about makings friends, finding love, and being good to each other.
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Nov 24, 2015

We all know you can't please everyone in the gaming community, but do we really have to ruin the fun for everybody? Everywhere you look on social media these days there are people with opinions and counter-opinions that just leave you scratching you're head asking, "Why?" If you say "I think [insert game/console here] is great!" there'll often be a line of people at the ready to tell you why [insert said game/console here] is bad. Special guest AJ of BattleBuddiesGaming comes on the show to tell us why we as gamers should learn to live and let live and why we should let our inner kid shine bright, like a diamond, in the rough.

BONUS: Snake's Fine Diamond Jewelers
RUNTIME: 58 min

Nov 22, 2015

Today we have a success story all the way from Japan! Jess and Matt, also known as @Tronbonneart and @MegaMat77, come on the show to tell us about how they met at NY Comicon, living the good life in Japan, and how they make their relationship work. Oh yeah and Gunvolt 2 and Gal Gun.

BONUS: Fiy Gieri's Thanksgiving Bucket
RUNTIME: 56 min

Nov 13, 2015

You may have heard talk about the "gaming community" before but how many of us are actually part of a gaming community? What does it even mean to be part of a community? Why is community important for growth? Use the Force and join MasterJoe and special guest Chancellor D as they embark on an introspective journey to answer those questions as well the most important question of all: Batman or Superman?

BONUS: The Origin of Chancellor D, Star Wars Predictions, NC Comicon

RUNTIME: 42 min

Nov 2, 2015

Gamers are incredibly passionate folks, and truth be told, we don't always get along. As much as we love playing games with other people, we can get pretty nasty with each other really quickly. Sometimes feelings get hurt and friendships take critical damage, or worse, crumble completely. How can we avoid this and protect our relationships when our friends go 1-18 in that Halo 5 SWAT match?

Dreweveryday brings the Drewniverse to #HPHQ and takes us to school on the subject of Transformative Mediation. Keep your notepad handy as we talk about how video game characters can set a practical example for how we can address our real world grievances with each other.


BONUS: What's up with HPP?, Drewniversal Healthcare Services

RUNTIME: 38 min

Oct 19, 2015

Calling all nerds! Today we welcome our favorite South Florida nerd couple, DJ TONX and Rosemary, to #HPHQ to talk about nerd stuff. Namely, the Nerdporn Podcast and the Facebook community group Nerd Central.

These days it's becoming much more socially acceptable— and even cool —to be a nerd, and yet many of us still hide our passion in the shadows. So we wanted to highlight Nerdporn and Nerd Central for being an awesome community where nerds can be nerds. Did we mention that TONX and Rosemary are our favorite SoFlo couple? Success story inbound! Oh yeah and MasterJoe is starting a new job today, no big deal.

BONUS: New job, Boost or Break, Bars, The Story of Toesmary

RUNTIME: 53 min

Oct 5, 2015

"Find your passion," they said. Well excuuuuuuse me princess but just how the heck am I suppose to do that?! In this episode we strike up a discussion about passion. What are the things that you would do no matter what? What do you care about? What are your pet peeves? Knowing what you're passionate about becomes way more important the older you get, so if you've been trying to figure it out, this episode is for you. Spoiler alert: you may have already discovered it without knowing!


BONUS: Loopin Louie, Powerline, 90s Board Games #KSFF2015

RUNTIME: 40 min

Sep 28, 2015

We were so stressed out last week that we didn't get around to recording an episode, so we thought it was only fitting to make today's episode about how to deal with stress. So we enlisted the help of our good friend, Runashleyrun, to help us discuss the following questions. What kinds of stress are there? How do they effect us? How do they effect others? How do we as gamers handle stress and what kinds of games are good for relieving stress? Grab your stress balls and breathing bags, heart pieces. Everything is going to be alright. In fact, we're starting to feel better already!

BONUS: Kickstarter Film Festival, The French Whisperer, Teenage Mutant Giant Raisins, Secret Ending

RUNTIME: 1 hour 14 minutes

Sep 14, 2015

What do you get when you mix a doctorate psychology degree in Applied Experimental Human Factors with video games? That's what Dr. Biscuits means to find out. After all, we all know video games can give us super human abilities, but what kinds of video games and just what kind of abilities are we talking about? Grab a pen and some paper because it's time to go to school.

Bonus: Our first mail!, Boost or Break, Otis and Annabelle

Runtime: 1 hour 2 min

Sep 7, 2015

Dave Proctor, co-founder of 13AM Games and producer of brand new exclusive Wii U indie title Runbow, comes by HPHQ to talk about how the very first 9-player party platfomer came to be. He also shares why Super Meat Boy and Brutal Legend are two his Top 3 favorite games of all-time. We play a special indie platformer-inspired version of Boost or Break, pick Dave's brain on how he balances work and his marriage, how to successfully run a video game company with your friends or family, and talk about exactly what it is that makes Runbow the most fun way to ruin your friendships since Mario Party.

RUNTIME: 55 min

What we talked about:

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Sep 1, 2015

Today MasterWife and MasterJoe celebrate their 2-year wedding anniversary by talking about video game weddings! From invitations to the isle, we share some ideas to help get you inspired in your own wedding planning. Despite our best intentions, we somehow manage never to mention the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and it's incredibly Japanese commercial feautring the amazing wedding of 2 card board boxes. We do, however, share some stories from The Vault about our honeymoon, like that time we pretended to be Jane and Tarzan.

RUNTIME: 42 minutes

Aug 24, 2015

Some people think video games are for kids. Well new flash people: Video games aren't Trix. MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss the negative stigma that the mainstream population still seems to have when it comes to gaming. Is it really "a waste of time" or is that just what people like to say? As gamers, we think there's a bit of an education and a level of understand that needs to be applied to these kinds of statements. Sometimes, you just need put the controller in the other hand, ask some questions, and get to the source. Everything in moderation, of course, (except for listening to this podcast).

RUNTIME: 50 min

Aug 17, 2015

Highly Entertaining Twitch streamer and pizza connoisseur Hotsammysliz comes by HP HQ to talk about pizza! He also discusses how he built the his stream community, known as the SWEG Kingdom, the significance of being a black streamer, his road to being partnered and the amazing relationships he's form along the way. MasterWife and MasterJoe also discover the origin of his nickname. We mainly talk about pizza though.


BONUS: Pizza Hut or Papa Johns?, Video Game Food Boost or Break, Spaghetti Boy, DJ SWEG

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 3 min


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Aug 3, 2015

The only thing better than a party is a game party. In this episode MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss different ways to upgrade your party hosting game! We give tips on how to dress up your party invitations so your guests will want to RSVP (stop using Facebook basically), break down the science behind choosing who to invite for what, discuss potential places where you can host a party, and give a slew of party ideas to get your creative gears turning. We'll definitely be trying out some of the ideas we came up with in this episode. Ain't no party like a gaming party!

BONUS: Our first iTunes Reviews, La Di Da Di, Spaghetti Boy, Power Juice

RUNTIME: 52 minutes

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Jul 27, 2015

Think back over your short or long list of people that you've met since elementary school. How many of them, in one way or another, did you meet because of games? How many of them do you remember by the experiences you shared gaming together? In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe take a look back at their own respective childhoods and reflect on what games brought them together with their friends and family members. Then they talk about what games and gaming experiences bring them together now as a married gamer couple. You might be surprised to hear some of their discussion!

BONUS:, Playing House with Mario Kart 64, Rhythm Heaven Frog Hop

RUNTIME: 50 minutes

Jul 20, 2015

In this episode we chat with special guests Jehm Faulking and xoTreeHugger from the Insert Coin Theater Twitch stream team about platonic relationships! Intimate friendships with members of the opposite sex are a vital and sometimes tricky part of life. How do we make platonic relationships work? Why are these relationships important and why does the gaming community in particular need more of them? These answers and more await!

BONUS:  Plutonium is a thing, Boost or Break, Xbox One, How'd you get your nickname?, HPP Panel?

RUNTIME: 1 hour an 1 minute

Episode art by:

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Jul 13, 2015

The parent-to-child dynamics of the 80s and 90s are largely different than they are now for the current day and age. Many of the kids who grew up playing Atari, Nintendo, and Sega are now all grown up and wondering how video games will impact their own kids. In this episode, we bring in veteran parent MasterDad to discuss how parents in the old days viewed video games and how they managed it from a parenting standpoint. Then MasterJoe talks about how adults today, who are gamers themselves, are thinking about how video games will influence their parenting. Also featuring some rare nuggets about MasterJoe's childhood and who was responsible for introducing him to Nintendo!

EDIT: We learned after recording this episode that the President of Nintendo, Saturo Iwata, has sadly passed at the young age of 55. We are particularly saddened by this news as we are both avid Nintendo fans and have been enjoying Nintendo games since childhood. We would like to join with so many others who have said thank you to Mr. Iwata for everything he's done and everything he stands for in the gaming community. Our prayers go out to his family, friends and co-workers. May he rest in peace.

BONUS: What is Socrates, Father-and-Son Invaders 64, Save the Yoshis, Wii Sports Remix, MasterKids?

RUNTIME: 1 hour 3 minutes

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Jul 5, 2015

It's our first listener submitted topic! Local gaming. Online gaming. Robot parties. How can you navigate the pros and cons of both to help you build and maintain your relationships? Answer: Use Robots. After all, it's not the 90s anymore. The gaming industry as a whole is pumping out more online gaming experiences than ever before while games with local multiplayer offerings are far and few between. MasterWife and MasterJoe will be your trusty robot advisers with some neat tricks you can try the next time you set off to save the world with your (potential) friends.

BONUS: America, Robot Halloween, Buck Henry's Fle Market, Unrest in Mushroom Kingdom

RUNTIME: 50 minutes

Jun 22, 2015

There are two things that every gamer can identify with: Games and cartoons. For some, these are merely a hobby. For others, they're a means of connecting with others and making life better. Games and cartoons are a common ground that a large portion of gamers share that not only bring us together, but provide us with opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. In this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with SAMMUS, one of upstate New York's most prolific nerdcore rapper/producer to talk about her passion for games and cartoons and the path her life has taken as a result of her experiences with them. Put on your grown up hats and prepare to be inspired!

BONUS: Boost or Break: Hype Man Edition, Squilliam Cuttlebutt, J.G. Wentworth

RUNTIME: 55:05

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Special Thanks to artist Cameron Knight for letting us use his amazing fan art as our thumbnail for this episode! Check him out at the links below:

Jun 15, 2015

Relationships are a dynamic and ever changing part of life. The unfortunate reality is that they don't always last forever. How do you hit continue after it's game over? That's the question we attempt to answer with our special guests in this episode. We got a chance to sit down with two of the developers of recent Kickstarter success story "a•part•ment: a separated place" to discuss what drove them to make a narrative driven game about breakups and relationships.

BONUS: First crushes, Boost or Break: dating edition, the Ears of Truth, Apartment 2?

RUNTIME: 1 hour

Jun 8, 2015

The team that plays together stays together. Or do they? Competitive gaming attracts some of the best talent in the gaming community and gives gamers a place to get together and show off their skills. There's certainly a particular camaraderie in the circles of the competitive scenes and bonds can be formed that last a life time. On the other hand, competitive gaming can sometimes bring out the worst in us. We invite our buddy and ex-competitive gamer Paige Turner to the show to talk about her experiences in the competitive FPS scene and about her new show, The Misadventures of Paige Turner.

BONUS: Let's All Go To The Movies, Boost Or Break, Inkopolis Stress Management Center, ENDteam, Q&A

RUNTIME: 1 hour 6 min

Jun 1, 2015

Did you know that playing Harvest Moon is proven to make you 81% better at deciphering relationship dynamics? Did you also know that 42% of all statistics are made up? Well here's one thing that's definitely true: Harvest Moon is an awesome video game franchise. Even better, there are lots of relational goodies to learn from the games! In this episode MasterJoe takes an in-depth look at the characters of his all-time favorite Harvest Moon game and MasterWife breaks down the 5 Love Languages as told by Dr. Gary Chapman.

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Ever wondered what Harvest Moon: The Movie might be like? Here's a video from Gritty Reboots on YouTube that might help. Harvest Moon was the very first video that Gritty Reboots ever made and it's based on the characters of Harvest Moon 64 (recurring in friends of Mineral Town) that we mentioned in the podcast! Check out the video here: Harvest Moon: The Movie (Trailer) | Gritty Reboots

BONUS: Body Harvest ≠ Harvest Moon, Yoshi's Daycare Academy, Love Language of Cats

RUNTIME: 47:52

May 25, 2015

Gamers Unite! Twitter legend and retro gaming enthusiast @RETR0JOE joins us on the show as our very first special guest to share the story behind one of the most recognizable hashtags dedicated to the gaming community. This was such a fun interview and we really enjoyed chatting with Joe. Listen to find out what his favorite retro console and game are and how #gamersunite transformed into the movement it is today! There's plenty of extra content with this one so be sure to check it out below:

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BONUS: Boost Or Break, HDmyBoy, PIXELS the Movie

RUNTIME: 55:09

May 18, 2015

The Sims is the gaming equivalent of Star Wars: Just about everyone has either played it or heard of it. Playing The Sims is like taking a course on the art or making friends. There's a lot to learn and even more to gain. MasterJoe breaks it down while discussing what is arguably the most important aspect of the game. MasterWife follows up by sharing some of her favorite games for friendship-building and explains the science behind why gaming with your acquaintances is such an effective way to level-up new relationships from bronze league to diamond.

BONUS: XeroClone, Gandalf Commands You, #GamersUnite

RUNTIME: 46 minutes 05 seconds

May 11, 2015

Animal Crossing sure is a fun game. You know what else is fun? Meeting new people! That is, unless you have trouble getting to know new people. If that's the case, this episode is for you! This week we break down the social awkwardness of breaking-the-ice with co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. MasterJoe tackles the situation using Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a guide while MasteWife explains the science behind social phobias. Did we mention that introducing someone to the Heart Piece Podcast is a great way to start a conversation? We're on iTunes and Stitcher now!

BONUS: Who's Watching, Yoshi Daycare Academy, It's Tricky

RUNTIME: 36 minutes 37 seconds

May 3, 2015

By the Triforce, we've done it!

This is our inaugural episode! Celebrate with us as we introduce ourselves to you all. In this episode, we share our story of how salsa dancing brought us together, give some shout outs and general advice, and explain how "Gamers of Love" became the Heart Piece Podcast. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and supported our Kickstarter campaign so we could make this podcast a reality. We hope you all enjoy our first episode!


RUNTIME: 50 minutes 36 seconds

LEGAL: MasterWife and MasterJoe are not professionals and do not offer professional advice. All opinions are based on personal experiences and beliefs. This content and all future episodes of the Heart Piece Podcast are not intended to replace or be used as a substitute for professional consultation or service. If you are having a serious relationship issue, seek out the assistance of a licensed professional.