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Welcome to the Heart Piece Podcast, your weekly holistic relationship talk show for gamers, hosted by married gaming duo, MasterWife & MasterJoe. It's dangerous to go alone, so we aim to educate, inspire, and empower gamers to build and maintain healthy relationships. Join us each week as we attempt to draw parallels between the fictional game world and real world experiences to see what we can learn about makings friends, finding love, and being good to each other.
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Aug 24, 2015

Some people think video games are for kids. Well new flash people: Video games aren't Trix. MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss the negative stigma that the mainstream population still seems to have when it comes to gaming. Is it really "a waste of time" or is that just what people like to say? As gamers, we think there's a bit of an education and a level of understand that needs to be applied to these kinds of statements. Sometimes, you just need put the controller in the other hand, ask some questions, and get to the source. Everything in moderation, of course, (except for listening to this podcast).

RUNTIME: 50 min

Aug 17, 2015

Highly Entertaining Twitch streamer and pizza connoisseur Hotsammysliz comes by HP HQ to talk about pizza! He also discusses how he built the his stream community, known as the SWEG Kingdom, the significance of being a black streamer, his road to being partnered and the amazing relationships he's form along the way. MasterWife and MasterJoe also discover the origin of his nickname. We mainly talk about pizza though.


BONUS: Pizza Hut or Papa Johns?, Video Game Food Boost or Break, Spaghetti Boy, DJ SWEG

RUNTIME: 1 hour, 3 min


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Aug 3, 2015

The only thing better than a party is a game party. In this episode MasterWife and MasterJoe discuss different ways to upgrade your party hosting game! We give tips on how to dress up your party invitations so your guests will want to RSVP (stop using Facebook basically), break down the science behind choosing who to invite for what, discuss potential places where you can host a party, and give a slew of party ideas to get your creative gears turning. We'll definitely be trying out some of the ideas we came up with in this episode. Ain't no party like a gaming party!

BONUS: Our first iTunes Reviews, La Di Da Di, Spaghetti Boy, Power Juice

RUNTIME: 52 minutes

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